Battric & MIVU

Born in a family where a guitar was played continuously, Battric & Milic grew up listening to different kinds of alternative music, gradually developing a sense for quality music. As the time passed by, through becoming drummers in hard core bands, they have shown interests for beats, hi hat, and for baseline. Then it all begun - they formed a duo known as Battric & MIVU. From the early start of career their sets have always been comprised out of minimalistic sounds, striving towards the darkness and underground, always insatiable when it comes to endless willingness to play long hours. In the meantime, they established Verbreiten Records label and they successfully manage having praise-worthy artist roster. Amongst many releases they have produced: Baile Musik, Monday Morning, Act Natural, Fantastic Friends and many others. Recently they have become members of London based FAKE booking agency.


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