DJ Mihajlo

Mihajlo precisely defined his own musical style from the very beginning of his career & if we can describe him in one sentence that would be: Techno in all shapes and forms. He remained faithful to his underground sound and never turned to commercial music. Audience recognized him as high quality artists and he immediately began to play in the most popular clubs and festivals, such as: Academy, Energy, Plastic, Swamp, Gjuro, The Bassement, Soul, Aquarius, Barutana, Drugstore, Klub 20 / 44, Tunnel, Exit Festival, Lovefest. His sets are long, varied, dark, minimalist, sometimes with raw sound, and are always in synthesis with cymbals and dynamic percussions. His goal is to connect with the audience and raise the atmosphere to a higher level, creating an almost invisible line between live act performances and digitized DJs.


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