Ever since his teens, being seducted by the sheer brilliance of Coldcut's legendary "Solid Steel" radio show, DJ IRon immersed himself in the life defining relationship with organic sounds, top notch DJing and great parties. Passionate and dedicated in his neverending quest for the dopest grooves of Soul, Funk, Dub, Hip-Hop and many other Black music genres, IRon also honed his turntablist skills to match the excellence of his selection.  More than 15 years of party DJing at different venues - from cafes and clubs to sport halls and big festivals (eg. The Main stage of Exit Festival 2016) playing alongside great DJs and musicians and more than 10 years of performing with the most popular Serbian Hip-Hop group Beogradski Sindikat including international tour (Russia, UAE, USA, Switzerland...), being significant experiences and achievements in their own right, are just mere consequences of the essential IRon's quality - the enormous passion and determination to put on everyone's face the most sincere smile of joy which all those bass lines, drum breaks, harmonies and vocals bring to him.


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