Luka Jevtović

Luka Jevtović comes from Kosjerić. He started pursuing music in 2021 when he enrolled in the Perfect Pitch DJ Academy. He was the audience's top choice and a semi-finalist in the Let's Mix It Vol. 03 DJ competition in 2022. He has performed at clubs such as Barutana, DOT, Half, Raft 25th, and KPTM, sharing the stage with names like Lea Dobričić, Adam Collins, Wise D & Kobe, Joma Maja, Lale Happy People, Peter Portman, and Gramophonedzi. He enjoys a wide range of electronic and general music genres, but Techno is his passion. He experiments with various styles of Techno, but he particularly loves combining fast and powerful grooves with psychedelic sounds.


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