Shlømo is a name that rings a bell to every techno music fan all over the world. Active for more than 10 years now, he is a French producer and DJ who has gained notoriety for his extremely varied musical output – ranging from straightforward techno bangers to ambient and IDM. He first appeared in 2013 on his own label Taapion Records where over the span of 7 years he released many projects, and appeared on numerous EP’s and compilations. After releasing on established labels and performing on key venues he decided to launch a new label in 2022; SAIKE alongside a new project called Viper Diva. As a performer he is just as multifaceted. In 2023, he launched his brand of events “Welcome Back Devil”, which continues touring the world with big productions and innovative line ups. In 2024, he signed his well awaited for come-back with the track ‘I’m Not Done Yet’; after a slowdown of several years in his personal releases.


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