Nikola Sadzak is a talented dj hailing from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Born in 1996, he has been passionate about techno music since the age of 15. However, growing up in a place without many opportunities to progress as a DJ, Nikola was forced to wait until he could make his dreams come true.  In september 2022, Nikola made the bold decision to move to Belgrade to enroll in the djing school "Perfect Pitch". This was the start of his long-awaited journey to become a professional DJ. After six months of intense learning, Nikola has honed his skills and is now ready to take on the world. Nikola's unique sound and style have already caught the attention of many in the region, and he is poised to take over clubs all over Serbia and beyond. With his passion for techno music and his dedication to his craft, there is no doubt that Nikola Sadzak is a rising star in the world of DJing.


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