DJ Lale

DJ, promoter, and recently producer Aleksandar Pavic a.k.a DJ Lale belongs to that group of people without whom the Serbian electronic scene could not be imagined. The style in his sets is English tech-house, with hints of Chicago funk, progressive, tribal and deep house. He is a fan of long rides, so long that the most ideal solution is to "book" him not only for a party but also for a couple of afternoons until the end of the weekend. Always in "fifth gear" when it comes to devising a party, he constantly surprises his audience with fresh plans and destinations for the highest quality partying: "Organizing parties is becoming more and more demanding," says Lale. "The audience has heard and seen it all, they want new shifts in the scene. New ideas are important, traveling around is important - tourism & clubbing! There are still some real and good vibes, you just have to find them!" Apart from "up in the air", where he traveled the world working as JAT cabin crew from the age of 18 to 21, Lale also found "good vibes" in club music in his post-teenage years.


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