Aleksa Milutinović, known as "Ledeni," is a 21-year-old DJ and music producer from the Belgrade Techno scene. He entered the world of electronic music at the age of 10 when he started taking DJing lessons from Nenad Kosovac Collective and Me-High-Low. Soon after, he also began taking keyboard and bass guitar lessons, completing his first decade in music recently. He has performed at various venues and events, including Drugstore, Noizz festival, Belgrade Manifest, and as an opening act for Marcus Camp; Martinus, Dom Omladine, Svaštara, Zgaženi Golub, Betonski Brod, and more. In 2015, he ventured into audio production on his own, leading to collaborations with artists such as Sajsi MC, Fox, Ilija Mihailović, JST400, among others. Through these collaborations, he gained experience in various music genres, but his style is predominantly reflected in Techno music. While he is familiar with a significant portion of DJ equipment, he prefers working on his hybrid setup, combining Ableton and Traktor. Recently, he released the track "Disorder," which is available on all platforms, and he is soon to release a new EP titled "Modular Solution" under the label Lets Mix It! Records.


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