Marko Jovanović, also known as Pallifaty is from Vranje and currently lives in Belgrade. Electronic music has been present in his life since a young age, with names like The Prodigy, Yves Deruyter, and many others influencing him. However, he truly felt a deep connection with electronic music in 2021, precisely at Lovefest. In 2022, he decided to enroll in the Perfect Pitch DJ Academy in Belgrade to fully immerse himself in the world of electronics and DJ-ing. His mixes are mainly focused on underground tech-house and minimal sounds with a strong groove. He has been in the role of a DJ for almost a year and had the opportunity to perform at venues such as Half, Svaštara, Ignite, and Đurabar. Among them, he particularly highlights Ignite with Leo Dobričić as one of the most significant experiences.


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