Prti Bee Gee

Prti Bee Gee is a hip-hop group from Belgrade whose main topics are drugs, violence, sex, etc. It was founded by Moskri (who was the oldest and was considered the leader and creator of the idea), Euphrates (Nikola Jarnević), and Mikri Maus (Nikola Jelić) in 2000. The first appearance in public and on SKC radio came thanks to the support of the Belgrade group. union. The first song, "Pipe", was released on SKC radio in 2001, and they soon recorded their first album "Great Hits" (2002) for "One Records". The group quickly became popular among the older hip-hop generation in underground rap circles and across the region due to verses full of black humor and descriptions of drug addiction (which is why their tail was also called heroin tail. These explicit lyrics, with frequent references to violence, weapons, and drugs, classified them as a Serbian variant of gangsta rap. This provoked criticism of the celebration of drug addiction and the glorification of crime. A big blow to the group was the death of Moskri (August 25, 2005). and 2006. They recorded the album "Moskri", which is dedicated to their deceased member. And the fifth album called "Petarda" was released in 2016. The most famous concerts of this group were held in SKC in December 2003, when they were the pre-group of Bad Copy and performed at Exit in 2005,2012, 2013, and 2017. They participated in the 43zla project together with Timbe, Ajs Nigrutin, and Bwana. They also perform throughout the region of the former Yugoslavia.


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