After signing with Universal Music Serbia in February of 2020, singer - songwriter Tamara Popović - tam continuously published singles in which she explores her place in pop music, influenced by sounds from other currently popular genres. On her singles „sve dalje“, „na holdu“, „brži od svega“, „infierno“ and „aj ćao“ she mostly collaborates with her close collaborators - Zicer Inc. - Mihajlo Đorović, Nikola Stanojević, Fantom, pocket palma… The same crew was behind her new EP “refleksija”, where singles „usne uz rebra (nanana)“ i „ne pričaj o nama“ distinguished themselves. Besides her solo ventures, a few other collaborations became widely recognised - “Žad” from the Zicer Inc. mixtape “Dobar Dil” and “Viva Mais” with Mimi Mercedez.


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