How can I buy a ticket? + -
Who performs at the festival? + -
All the names that will join us at the jubilee edition of the festival can be found in the section ARTISTS
How to get to Vrnjačka Banja? + -
The magical island of love is located in one of the most famous spas in Serbia. It can be reached by bus, car or train.
Where is Vrnjačka Banja located? + -
Vrnjačka Banja is located in Central Serbia. It is 26 km from Kraljevo, 130 km from Niš, 60 km from Kragujevac and 290 km from Novi Sad.
How best to get to the festival location? + -
After arriving to Banja, we recommend that you walk or take a bike in the city - you will be fit! Certainly, the festival is located near the Center.
What can you bring to the festival? + -
Due to the specific climate in Vrnjačka Banja, in addition to the summer belongings you bring to the festival, we advise you to bring something for very warm weather (bathing suit is mandatory) as well as a thin jacket for fresh mornings.
What is the method of payment at the festival? + -
Within the festival location, food, drinks, souvenirs and other favors can be paid exclusively with Lovefest currency - tokens. Every day, from the beginning to the end of the festival, tokens will be available for purchase at signalized locations. Tokens can be used to buy all kinds of drinks, food and souvenirs. The token cannot be used more than once and cannot be refunded.
What can't be brought to the festival location? + -

For your safety, the festival has introduced a general rulebook that defines which items you may not include in the festival location. The following may not be included:

Drugs and other opiates


Professional cameras without authorization - each photo and video will be considered as the property of Lovefest, and the author must submit them to the festival

Alcohol and beverages purchased outside the festival location

Food purchased outside the festival location

Bottles and cans

Musical instruments


Large umbrellas




Backpack ranches and large travel bags

If you have bought a ticket for the 2020 edition of Lovefest and it has not been used in 2021, you can use it for Lovefest 2022 🙂